Villa Barbarigo

Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani and its big and beautiful gardens are located in Valsanzibio  (in the locality of Galzignano Terme).
The owner was the Venetian noble Francesco Barbarigo followed by his son Gregorio. Gregorio became bishop of Padua and dedicated a lot of his time and energies  building a wonderful garden, symbol of the human trip from ignorance and falsity to Redemption and Revelation.
The most famous Vatican architect Luigi Bernini had also collaborated with Gregorio to create this garden.
The “Diane’s Doorway”was the main entrance by water to the villa and it still represents the beginning of the salvation itinerary that ends in front of the Villa.
The baroque garden, created between 1665 and 1696, contains almost 70 statues, craved by the sculptor Merengo, many other fountains, paths, water games, and minor sculptures; it has more than 10 hectars.
In addition to this we find the old, symbolic labyrinth and the Monument to Time.
This is one of the most vast and complete historic gardens in the world and it was awarded the first prize as “the most beautiful garden in Italy” (2003) and as the third most beautiful in Europe (2007).