Thermal Center

Centro Termale di Galzignano Terme

Galzignano Terme is a thermal town and it has a lot of thermal establishments. These establishments are directly connected with a thermal spring and its mud and water are used for healing treatments and as a tourist attraction.

The main thermal center is “Bagni di San Bartolomeo” (Saint Bartolomeo's baths), on Regazzoni Bassa road, a little side street that connects Battaglia Terme with Galzignano Terme.

It is possible to find a big brick building and on its facade we can still see the aedicule dedicated to San Bartolomeo.

This area is characterized by many common reeds (swamp reeds), typical examples of a humid climate next to the thermal springs.

San Bartolomeo area has been well-known since 1455 and has always been used for thermal treatments and services.

“Dei Bagni di Abano” (“About Abano's baths”) is an essay written by Doctor Salvator Mandruzzato (1801) who described the situation of the San Bartolomeo baths. In fact this location has always been frequented by both poor farmers, intellectuals and politicians.

The area was also frequented by Il Montagnana, the Professor Falloppio, the politician Savonarola and the Duke of Florence who used Bartolomeo baths for their joint aches.

The essay underlines that this thermal locality has always had many visitors.