Museum of Euganean Hills

The Museum of Euganean Hills in Galzignano Terme has collected the history and the flora and fauna of the territory.

Galzignano has been populated since prehistory. It had an important role during the Roman Empire, in the Middle Ages and also in the Venetian period (1405).

In addition to this Galzignano has a rich natural territory, the Euganei Hills, full of flora, fauna and thermal resources.

For these reasons the Museum is divided into two main areas: the ornithological area and the archeological area.

-In the ornitholocigal area there are 120 exposed animals which represent the most important and widespread animals in the territory. The Biasiolo's family, born in Galzignano, donated the collection, composed of 176 animals of different species.

The museum is composed of many curved panels used as a background for the exposed items. The itinerary begins on the level ground and arrives inside the heart of Euganei Hills.

In the end of the itinerary there is a beautiful dark room where there are all the night-birds of the territory. In the center of the main room of the museum there is a three-dimensional plastic model of Euganei Hills used as a map to identify all the most important ecological centers of the hills.

- In the Archeological area there are different kinds of crockery, found during some excavation work to arrange the floors of an ancient villa of 1500. Family Benacchio, owner of the villa, donated all the archeological evidence to Galzignano municipality for the Museum. The pieces of this crockery are different: some of them are very decorated and beautiful, others are very poor and simple.

Curved panels give all the details of the age and the origin of the exposed items.