Within the town of Glazignano there are 36 golf holes spread in two different golf courses. Due to the functionality and the beauty of these facilities Galzignano has been renamed as”Galzignano the town of golf”.

The two main facilities that promote golf in the area are: Golf Club Padova and Golf Club Terme.

Golf Club Padova (Padua) is the first golf course born in Padua in 1962 which was originally named Golf Club Euganeo. It is located in Valsanzibio (locality of Galzignano Terme) and it was designed by the English architect John Harris, from the Cotton Studio of London. It has 27 holes and it is surrounded by the green Euganean Hills, not far from the ancient Villa Barbarigo.

The landscape is very pleasant and suggestive: there are almost 8000 different kinds of trees, bushes, sand traps, reflecting pools, etc. Golf Club Padova hosted a lot of very important national championships. There you can also find restaurants, a guest house and a swimming pool.

The Golf Club Terme was designed by Marco Croze and it is also full of reflecting pools and small lakes. It has 9 holes and it is surrounded by nature and by three beautiful 4 stars hotels (Hotel Majestic, Hotel Sporting, Hotel Splendid) with SPA and thermal pools and services.