Oil Prize

Every year Galzignano Terme organises a contest for the best olive oil produced in the Euganean Hills. Only the olive oil which is entirely produced in this locality can participate and win the contest.

The sponsors for this event are the Municipality of Galzignano and other private or public companies who want to promote the typical products of the territory of this locality.

The main goals of this prize are:

  • to find the olive oil that best matches within the parameters given by the Technical Committee;
  • to promote the local production by giving importance to the quality of the traditional food;
  • to develop the trade of typical food with the introduction of advanced mangement within the companies;
  • to promote tourism in the locality of Galzignano Terme as an important center of the Euganean Hills area.

Since 2012 /2014 many other nearby towns have started to participate to the oil contest as well: Arquà Petrarca, Cinto Euganeo, Torreglia, Baone, Lozzo Atestino, Teolo, Rovolon and Vo'.